Showing this work to the outside world is a big step. I was diagnosed with ADHD at a later age, this was the explanation for the flood of ideas and the problem with concentration. In addition, until then I had no idea that my brain worked differently. I mainly focused on learning and performance. Because of the issues of the day and the pleasure in my work with extra special children, I gave myself no space to express my creativity. In my personal work “Meet My MedicINGe” the acceptance for the use of medication for ADHD plays a major role.
At the moment I am working on mapping the various behavioral disorders. The social motivation for me is to get more attention for different types of intelligence. Every brain works differently, the question is how to deal with it and empower the individual. Not thinking in terms of right and wrong, but emphasizing and the needs of the individual.
How did the brain work in people whose brains work differently. You can also approach disorders as a force. The brain functions differently, it is not a disease but a disorder. Every disorder has positive and dark sides, I want to show this in my upcoming work. What needs does someone displaying certain behavioral characteristics have and how can this individual function in a respectful way in this society. I regularly use weaving and braiding techniques.


break a leg, broken brain

break a leg, broken brain.

This work in progress is a collaboration with artist and photographer
Nynke Brandsma @nynke.brandsmaThe collaboration stems from a preference to discuss the use of medication and its influence. Inge and Nynke are both members of art collective The Movement(@themovement_artists)
For the full story check out Nynke’s website: Nynke Brandsma