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PATCHwork MATCHwork, BIG artworks

Grote PATCHworks vervaardigd van karton.
Large PATCHworks made from cardboard.

The idea of ​​making PATCHworks from this recycled material has arisen from many studies of cardboard. Working in this format is quite a challenge. The design of the large patchworks is custom designed for the space where the work will be located. A nice extra is that this technique, in combination with the material, also has a sound-damping effect.
Interested in a custom made PATCHwork, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Sometimes large works are in stock and can be viewed in Atelier depARTure.
The works are all sold with a wooden frame.
View the available works here:
BIG PATCHwork MATCHwork for sale!

The BIG PATCHwork voor: “Alles op tafel”
ALLES OP TAFEL – Millstreet Films

After the recordings on the wall at the new owners:

big SISTHAA has left the studio.
NEW home SWEET home.

This PATCHwork MATCHwork’s second major assignment of 1.2 by 2 meters.
Beautiful matching combination with the light design of Brand & van Egmond.