PATCHwork MATCHwork, Inge fully masters working with cardboard. Her next step in working with this material is to make wall hangings and PATCHworks from cardboard. She plays with the build-up of the relief and uses countless different possibilities.
Her fascination with haberdashery and craft techniques have led her to develop PATCHworks from recycled cardboard. Quite a search with a good result.
At the moment she has let go of the figurative work, she is currently working on Patchworks without a frame, making it look even more like a tapestry.
Are you interested in one of these works mail for an appointment or ask about the shipping options.
the BIG PATCHwork MATCHwork for sale!

The major works of this series are only commissioned, for images you can see on this page: Commissioned

Kunstwerken gemaakt van karton/ Works of art made from cardboard.

Duurzame kunst/ Sustainable art.

Cardboard ART. (40x40cm. sold)

PATCHwork serie the BLACKlist.
Cardboard ART 60×80 cm.
(Op de set van: serie “Oogappels“.)

Double chaos. No structure.
PATCHwork MATCHwork.
Cardboard artwork. (2x60x60cm)

PATCHworks, NO more DRAMA , DRAMA Queen & Grrrrrreeen .(*40x50cm)

the BLACKlist 60x80cm
©Inge Prins van Wijngaarden.

PATCHwork “dark BLUE’s”
the BLACKlist 60x80cm
©Inge Prins van Wijngaarden.

shinING GOLD, .Recycle art. Cardboard ART. (60x60cm)

Crazy Cocktail.Serie: Cardboard ART.
IN line. Serie: Cardboard ART.