FAST fashion becomes SLOW art

ButtON / OFF, In every series the artist makes, she tries to show what interests her. She loves design and beautiful clothing, but tries to source them locally and sustainably as much as possible. Inge is a big believer in repairing clothes when needed. She is intrigued that more and more tailor- and haberdashery shops are disappearing. As a result, materials and techniques are also forgotten. The ButtON / OFF series was born from these thoughts. She has researched the creative use of haberdashery in art. This has resulted in wall hangings and 3 dimensional images of buttons. The wall works “FAST fashion becomes SLOW art” are her own favorite. In The Netherlands there are various proverbs and sayings about buttons. Plus, your grandmother might think of a button box almost like a treasure chest.
With this work she wants to inspire people to continue to wear and buy beautiful and durable clothing and possibly have it repaired. The works are all made from second-hand buttons that she received through or bought online.
This series consists of works in different sizes and colors.
Several available works at Gallery Bos Fine Art


Wall sculptures made from recycled buttons/wandsculpturen gemaakt van hergebruikte knopen.

“becommING the QUEEN”. (30x40cm)
Queen Máxima’s royal blue inauguration dress by Taminiau has been an inspiration for this work.
©Inge Prins van Wijngaarden.

copyING COPPER. (45x55cm)
©Inge Prins van Wijngaarden

diggING for GOLD (35x45cm)
©Inge Prins van Wijngaarden

loveING GREEN (30x40cm)
©Inge Prins van Wijngaarden
(used on the set of the “Oogappels” Dutch television series)

Leve de konING. (26x35cm)
the King.
©Inge Prins van Wijngaarden

Know your lyrics!
Black and white dancING together Side by side we’ll make things better
You’re never alone
Dancin’ together Side by side through stormy weather
You’re never alone…

FAST fashion becomes SLOW art.

ThinkING free. (90x57cm)

livING GREEN. (45x55cm)
©Inge Prins van Wijngaarden

lookING for GOLD (50X50cm)
©Inge Prins van Wijngaarden

swimmING in a turquoise sea. (35x45cm)
©Inge Prins van Wijngaarden

thinkING GREEN (50x50cm)
©Inge Prins van Wijngaarden

Wine and dine (90x57cm)
©Inge Prins van Wijngaarden

FAST fashion becomes SLOW art.

Kunst uit de KNOPENdoos, ode aan de KNOOP.
Look into the eyes of the buttON.