WandkLEED/ Wall hangings

wall RUG of cardboard and buttons.
Packaging and shipping intrigues me. Due to my fascination for packaging material, I have researched how this material can all be used sustainably. By using different techniques it is possible to make optimal use of the capriciousness of this material. I also researched the use of different haberdashery. Besides wall hangings from cardboard, I also made wall hangings from buttons.

Oilpaint on cardboard
Cardboard is a beautiful material that never ceases to amaze me. With the right impregnation and substrate, the relief can give the image an extra dimension.

I still experiment with techniques and possibilities with that material. In the wallcloth series I have made a number of wall hangings from recycled material. The wank members of karon consist of embroidery thread and tape. Color = oil paint with suitable durable impregnation