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Inge Prins van Wijngaarden 19-11-1979
Artist Inge works from Atelier depARTure on the Parade of Soestdijk Palace. In her work, the visual artist seeks balance by playing with proportions, shapes and color. Nature, interpersonal relationships and properties of materials are ger greatest sources of inspiration. Sustainability is at the basis of everything she makes. Intensive material research is an important component of her work process. The uniqueness of the material determines the final work of art. She is now well advanced in her research into the use of corrugated cardboard in the visual arts, the specific “ribbed” properties are used as an artistic starting point. In this way she tries to inspire people to look at materials and the functions of materials in a different way. She takes the viewer along in her colorful search for the essence of materials and she regularly makes the viewer doubt what he or she sees.
Artworks for sale at: Gallery Bos Fine Art