Inge Prins van Wijngaarden,
Dutch contemporary artist (1979).

Founder, atelier depARTure Laanstraat 93 Baarn

My artworks are my reflections on life, the way I experience it and how I see it around me. In my work I reflect themes that concern me: from essential issues to daily trifles, often with a touch of humor. My sources of inspiration are nature, people and the properties of materials. Sustainability is the foundation of everything I make. I stand for a conscious approach to the environment and that is why I only work with environmentally friendly or recycled materials. Because these materials are very diverse, I use different techniques to bring them to life. Intensive material research is therefore an important part of my work process.
In addition, the research into the many properties of cardboard is also part of what I like to show in my work. After I progressed to use the cardboard as a painting canvas. After that I was able to use the specific “ripple” properties as an artistic starting point. For both abstract and figurative work.

*Portret photo by: Jasmijn Hoogmolen.

Tekst in het Nederlands.


Inge Prins van Wijngaarden (11/19/1979)
Inge left her parental home at the age of seventeen to study at the Graphic Lyceum in Amsterdam. As an extra exam subject she had already chosen: crafts / art history The world and the big city overwhelmed her. She obtained the diploma Graphic Intermediary and then went on to study in a field that still interests her “human behavior”. She obtained her diploma “Applied Sciences”, worked for a number of years in special education. In this period she also completed the study for “Behavior Specialist”. Inge has always remained creative. In recent years she has worked on the development of her artistry. Last year she took the plunge to continue as a fully independent artist. She finds her way within the art world in her own unique way. Her studio is located in an empty shop building “atelier depARTure”.
The space is her workplace, but is also used to work with
other creative people and to sell art. Her idea is that creativity also brings movement to a shopping area. The artists collective “the Movement” is a group of artists from all disciplines with whom she likes to collaborate and organize exhibitions.
Inge still does not only emphasize the making of art. She stays creative in many different ways.
She has also seen this in the initiative she took for “We care Art”. In collaboration with Online Gallery and the SeeYou@Art foundation, she has made sure that more than 100 works of art have been donated to vital workers who are committed to the fight the corona crisis.